Thursday, 3 December 2009

Cakes Cakes and more Cakes

This week has been pretty busy getting ready for the Deanery Christmas School fair on Saturday.

I've decided to make some "trio" taster packs (4) which will contain three 4 inch cakes (1 Canadian Carrot, 1 Chocolate Guinness and 1 Chocolate Fruit Cake). In addition to that, I have made 8 x 4" Carrot cakes, 6 x 4" Chocolate Guinness Cakes, 4 x 4" Chocolate Fruit cakes and 4 slabs of Fridge cakes, which should end up into about 20 plus packs.

If this goes OK, then I'll use the same format and numbers for the Christmas Fair I'm doing on the 12th December at Esporta in Lichfield.

This week has also seen me engage a marketing company to create a "logo" and brand identity called "we are homegrown", as I'm rather "eclectic" in my branding.

I am also the proud owner of some flyers to give out this Saturday, using some photo's taken by Kirsty Heaton. The flyer is simple (if not somewhat small - learn for next print, larger font!), but will do the trick.

Picture used for flyer

This week has also seen me follow up some "cold calling" I did with two other cake outlets, which saw me give them a free cake. On Thursday, I went to these places again to see what they thought.

It's great - I got an order for a Canadian Carrot and Chocolate Guinness cake, which may turn into a regular order. At the other outlet, the manager really like the chocolate fudge cake I made (said it was "orgasmic"!), so I think if nothing else, the manager may buy a cake for her Birthday! Hopefully, I'll know in the next few days whether they are interested in more cakes!