Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Children who cook

I have two children, Toby aged 7 and Isi aged 10. During the second week of the this Easter holiday, Toby (who by the way is football crazy) has been on a football coaching course, whilst Isi, has had friends round.

As you can tell, one of my loves is baking cakes, so its been great to see that Isi is also picking up the desire to bake.

Yesterday, she had a friend round for the day, and the first this they wanted to do was bake. So they looked through the various cook books I've got and settled on Annie Bell's book - "gorgeous cakes". They nearly decided that Annie's Gin & Tonic minis would do, but finally decided that they would make Vanilla Cupcakes. What was wonderful was the confidence to not completely follow the recipe and mix and match the ingredients we had.

So, what was the outcome?

This is all that is left!!

Today, she had another friend around, and baking was the first thing on the agenda! Again, Annie Bell's book stole the show, and "french and flourless" was chosen. Quite a big jump from yesterday's cupcakes. A cake that needed eggs separating, chocolate melting and eventually folding all together.

Well, what was the out come? Isi and her friend have call it the chair cake!

As to how it taste - well, I'll have to wait until later tonight to test it!

Well, tomorrow is another day - what baking will take place? We'll have to wait and see.

However, something is not quite right - why do I seem to get stuck with all the washing up!

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