Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Christmas fair and self employed

Today I made the decision to have a table at the local church Christmas fair.

I now have to think hard and quickly about what to do! I'm pretty sure I will sell small pieces of my chocolate fridge cake - i have developed another version which is made with ginger nuts and has stemmed ginger and glace cherries in.

I will also make a few display cakes and see if I can get any orders for these.

I'm planning on getting a T-shirt done, that says "To busy to bake?" try "tobizzy2bake".

It will look better on a T-shirt, I'm sure.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a workshop to find out what I have to do as a self employed person. What documents do I need to retain, what can I can claim tax back on, all these things I really wanted to avoid.

I will blog about that later.

As well as all that I also have 3 cakes and 1 fridge cake to bake by the end of tomorrow.

Sometimes I think back to having a 9-5 job and how easy it was........but not nearly as much fun!

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