Monday, 2 November 2009

Fridge Cake

Well, I have had another go at the fridge cake - I know it tastes great (so my kids tell me!), but hopefully this one looks a little "prettier"!

So, I thought I'd have a another go a taking some photographs of this cake.

I think I need to find a plate or something that shows off the cakes better.


  1. I think it looks luscious, and beutiful in its own way. :)

  2. The photography side of things has been a really learning curve for me, I try and make my photos look better by photographing on some nice wrapping paper. It seems to work and I now need to invest in a decent camera!

    I was thinking about what the deli said to you about your fridge cake and the way I would pretty it up is by either sprinking a few token sprinkles on it or getting one of those icing sugar templates that you place on cakes and sprinkle icing sugar on them. You then lift it away and are left with a pretty pattern! I got mine from Ikea and it's great for adding a special touch to a cake.

    I love the way your fridge cake looks though!